Image of the week

July 30-August 5

A parking garage for bikes, downtown Amsterdam


July 23-29

Steamboat geothermal power plant, Steamboat, NV

Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford

July 16-22

Roz Savage’s rowing vessel with turbine and solar panels, Hayward, CA (see also Naturally Powered)

July 9-15

How to get London pedalling? London, UK

July 2-8

A solar thermal electric plant, Spain

AFP (as seen on Yahoo News/Science/Energy)

June 25 – July 1

A recreation area, LA, California

Photo (from car)

June 18-24

How many ways to transport your kids on a bike, Amsterdam, NL

June 11-17

Wind turbines and oil rig, Central California

June 4 – 10

Alternative transport in Zimbabwe

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