The state-of-the-art of fuel cell technology

When you hear “fuel cells” you may, first and foremost, think about hydrogen fuel cells for vehicle transport. But fuel cells are not at all limited to hydrogen, and are attractive energy suppliers for industrial and domestic usage. Professor Nigel Branson is a fuel cell expert and entrepeneur at Imperial College, London. Here, he and his student Paul Shearing talk about their state-of-the-art research in fuel cell development.

Stanford’s Green Dorm

A few facts: in the U.S., residential and commercial space accounts for 40 percent of our primary energy consumption and 38 percent of CO2 emissions are from operating buildings. Why, then, is so little attention paid to building energy efficient offices and residences? Prof. Gil Masters from Stanford University wants to change that. His dream to build a student dorm that is green and clean is being realized: the Green Dorm project at Stanford is under way.