Meet an energetic energy investor! (part 1)

Erik Straser leads the cleantech investment of Mohr Davidow Ventures. It’s his job to seek out promising start-ups in solar energy, biofuels, energy storage, industrial biotech and clean coal. My students asked this energetic PhD about his research into companies, his investment strategies, his current projects, and his general views on the cleantech industry and existing energy policies.

Silicon Valley: the epicenter of solar power and clean technologies?

On June 1, Silicon Valley profiled itself as the future epicenter of solar power, energy efficiency and clean technologies at the Energy Summit 2007. Jacob and Desirae, two of my students at Stanford, attended to see with Silicon Valley’s leaders were up to. They report on the conference in this video, so in case you missed it, this is a chance to catch up and listen to what’s cooking and what’s not in the Bay Area.

View From the Top: Shell Oil President John Hofmeister

John Hofmeister, Shell Oil president, sees an important role for his company in supplying the world’s energy in the future. Petroleum (oil and gas) will remain, at least for the near to medium future, the most important energy resource. Shell is also investing, as are many other energy companies, in renewable energy (wind, solar, biofuels) as well as so-called clean coal. Hear John Hofmeister’s views on Shell’s future directions and current energy policies.

Does corporate backing taint universities’ energy resource studies?

Meet Professor Pam Matson, dean of the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University and renowned scientist. Pam is super-excited about the opportunities that ever-increasing levels of private and industrial funding for energy and environmental research offer. How can universities contribute to finding sustainable energy sources and solutions to global warming? And, is there a risk that research at academic institutions, which should be unbiased, is tainted because of industrial funding? Hear what Pam has to say and meet this energetic leader.

There’s energy in Silicon Valley: VCs jump on green energy investments

Silicon Valley is buzzing, but not just because of software and hardware investments. The new boom is in green energy technologies. James Horn is an investment manager for Noventi, one of the many Venture Capitalist firms excited about the energy field. The boom is fantastic news for new energy technology developments: The level of investments by the VCs will provide the financial support that we need to engineer the technologies of the future.